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J. Alexander Davidson, Attorney at Law

J. Alexander Davidson (Alex) has been practicing Matrimonial and Family Law in Supreme Court and Family Court for 35 years. While over ninety-five percent of all cases settle before going to Trial, Alex Davidson has extensive Trial experience for cases that could not be settled and is well known as a Family Law and Matrimonial Trial lawyer in the local area. Because of his extensive background, he has regularly been requested to speak to other lawyers by the New York State Bar Association, Onondaga County Bar Association, and Oneida County Bar Association. Mr. Davidson also has a unique background not duplicated by most of his colleagues practicing Family and Matrimonial Law.

He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York and served several years after graduation in the service. Prior to becoming a lawyer, he owned several businesses and when he first became a lawyer, he was representing clients in real estate, business and tax matters because of his business background. Because many cases at the present time involve businesses, taxes, and investments, clients find it extremely helpful that Mr. Davidson can advise them in these critical areas during marital disputes without having to have his clients incur additional expenses to always have to hire outside experts. He is currently accepting cases in New York State Supreme Court and New York State Family Court. Because of his prior extensive experience handling stock, bonds and security matters, he is one of the few lawyers in the area that handles security arbitration.


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35 years experience negotiating with the IRS. No charge for initial conference.

J. Alexander Davidson
Attorney at Law

The Monroe Building
333 E. Onondaga Street
Syracuse, NY 13202

Phone: (315)-415-4231
Fax: (315)-474-4575


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